Frequently Asked Questions

Our Team & Fees

  • What are the staff/child ratios at Heritage?
    • Nursery 1:4
    • Tiny Tots 1:4
    • Toddlers 1:4
    • Junior Kindy 1:5
    • Pre Kindy 1:11
    • Kindergarten 1:11
  • What are your fees?

    $115 per day.

    In some circumstances discounts are available. Discounted Kindergarten Fee $113 per day.

  • What is included in the daily fee?

    In daily fees, the following is included:

    • All meals prepared by an in-house chef. Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. We adjust meals based on allergies and other preferences.
    • Nappies and wipes
    • Sunscreen and sunhat
    • Inclusion in our Early Childhood Teacher taught Kindergarten or Pre-school Program (if eligible)
    • Incursions (held throughout the year to complement learning experiences)
    • Secure PIN to gain entry to Heritage; unique to your family
    • Access to QKiosk – a digital sign in and sign out system
    We supply all meals, nappies, wipes, sunscreen and sunhats.

  • How do I pay my weekly fees?

    Fees may be paid using the Service’s direct debit system.

  • Do I have to pay for public holidays?

    Fees are payable for all days including absences (sickness or holidays) and public holidays. Each family is entitled to up to 4 weeks (booked days) holidays at 15% off the full fee per calendar year.

Child Care Subsidy

  • Am I able to claim Government rebates if I enrol with Heritage?

    Yes, we are a registered childcare provider which means that eligible families can claim the Government benefit relating to your childcare.

  • What is the Child Care Subsidy?

    The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is the main way the Government assists families with their child care fees. The CCS helps parents with children aged 0 – 13 who work, train, study and/or volunteer.

  • How do I know if I am eligible for the Child Care Subsidy?

    There are certain requirements that must be satisfied for an individual to be eligible to receive the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for their child. These include:

    1. The age of the child (must be 13 or under and not attending secondary school)
    2. The individual, or their partner, meeting the residency requirements
    3. The combined family income meeting the specified requirements
    4. The child meeting immunisation requirements
    5. The activity level of your family.
  • How do I apply for the Child Care Subsidy?

    Follow this link here to guide you through making a claim for childcare subsidy:

    Important information is required to assist with making your claim:

    • MyGov and Centrelink online account or access to speak over the phone or in person at a Centrelink office
    • Claimant and child CRN (customer reference number)
    • Family income and activity details
    • Supporting personal documents

    Once you have received your childcare subsidy assessment letter from Centrelink, you will need to:

    • Provide us with your and your child’s CRN details so we’re able to make a connection to Centrelink to ensure you can receive CCS payments. It is important that we receive both CRN’s as a connection can’t be made using only one.
    • Once a connection to Centrelink is made, you will receive notification to approve the enrolment notice. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

    Visit the enrolments tab in your Centrelink account to approve your child’s childcare details (i.e. the campus they are enrolled at, days they are enrolled and the daily rate) or contact Centrelink for assistance with confirming details.

  • How much will I be subsidised?

    For more details, and to obtain an estimate of what your Child Care Subsidy could be, visit the Child Care Subsidy website or contact the Department of Education and Training on 1300 566 046.

  • How many absentee days can my child take from child care and still be eligible for the CCS?

    Families are entitled to 42 absence days per child per financial year. You may also be entitled to additional absence days in certain circumstances (e.g. illness of a child, a parent or sibling). In shared care arrangements the allocation of 42 absences per financial year relates to the child not each individual claimant.

  • Are there any additional Child Care Subsidy or support payments I can access?

    There may be additional support payments such as the Temporary Hardship or the Transition to Work payments available to you. However to obtain more information you will need to contact Centrelink directly.

  • Do I need to put a request through Centrelink for my second child?

    A new claim needs to be made for each of your children even though it is based on your combined family income and activity.

  • How, when and where do I make a claim for child care subsidy?

    It is good idea to start your claim process as soon as you are considering starting your child in childcare. Claims can take over 4 weeks to process so the sooner you make the claim, the more likely the claim will be approved by the time your child starts in care. You may be able to maximise your CCS hours through the use of our 9 and 10 hour sessions. Please see your Centre Director.

    If your claim is not approved by the time your child commences care with ECOKIDS you will be required to pay full fees until this occurs. The claim needs to be made through Centrelink. You can find more information on making a claim here.

  • Do I have an annual cap?

    Your letter of assessment will note if you have an annual cap or not. The cap is not applied to all families and is dependent on the income associated to the claim. If your family earns $186,958 or less, you won’t have an annual cap on your subsidy. If your family earns between $186,958 and $351,248 your subsidy will be capped. This means Centrelink will subsidise your fees up to the annual cap of $10,190 per child each financial year.

  • How far will Centrelink backpay?

    Centrelink will back date payments up to 28 days.

  • Where do I go to find out more information?

    The Department of Education has provided extensive Frequently Asked Questions on their website. For in-depth details on the Child Care Subsidy visit their website or contact the Department directly on 1300 566 046.

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