Kindergarten Hendra 4-5 years

Heritage Early Education & Kindergarten kindergarten Hendra – For Queensland kids Kindergarten is the year prior to the first year of schooling – Prep. Children can be enrolled in kindergarten if they are 4 years old on, or before, June 30 in the year Prior to Prep.

Kindergarten Hendra

Here at Heritage Early Education & Kindergarten we recognise the need for a supportive environment for both children and families in transitioning to “Big School” as we understand it is a big change. We pride ourselves on preparing the children for Prep through our Play-Based Kindergarten Program which is led by our Bachelor Trained Early Childhood Teacher across all 5 days with full long day care hours available for more flexibility for our working families.

In Kindergarten, we strive to provide a learning environment aimed on individual learning styles, needs and abilities in preparation for the Prep year at school. Our Kindergarten program is aimed at developing your child’s physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional abilities. Children will have opportunities to learn how to:

  • Develop language to communicate feelings, ideas, and needs
  • Socialise – building friendships
  • Cooperate with other children
  • Build independence and confidence
  • Creatively explore ideas and feelings with art, dance and drama
  • Explore, Identify and solve problems
  • Grow reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Eco kids has indoor and outdoor spaces that ignite imagination and foster curiosity for your child to explore. Our specially designed mud kitchen is one of the many features our Kindergarten kids enjoy in their journey with us. 

We encourage and support each child as they build friendships and develop a sense of belonging within the Kindergarten group, and building confidence for the step up to Prep.

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